Copy document text

You can copy the document text in two ways: either by copying text from the document preview to your clipboard or by downloading the entire document text as a file

Copy-paste text from document

In case you need any text from the contract, simply select text and copy it with a shortcut (ctrl + C in Windows, Command + C in Mac), then paste it wherever necessary.

Here are some handy tips:

  • Click on top of any word to select it.
  • Double-click to select the entire sentence.

Note: If you double-click in a blank area of the document, it will open in full-screen view. Double-click again to exit.

Download whole document text

To download the entire text of the document, follow these steps:

  1. Open contract and navigate to Files & Emails tab.
  2. Find the specific file containing the text you wish to download.
  3. Open the menu ••• of the file.
  4. Select “Download as text” to obtain the text in a .TXT file format.

zefort - download as text