Reviewing contract information

The video walks you through reviewing your contract information after downloading a new contract.

Video transcription



In this video, we'll look at reviewing the
information within a contract after contract upload.

As well as some of the options within a contract card.

Now, when a new contract has been uploaded,

in this case, the top left contract here,

it'll be presented with a not reviewed status,

and the inbox will actually show up with a red ball showing us

how many contracts are in the inbox that haven't been reviewed.

Let's go to the inbox and see that this contract is in the inbox.

It says not reviewed.

And we need to go in and review the contract information.

Which is also what this pop down banner tells us.

Now there are five to six tabs on the top.

Audit log may or may not be present in your subscription.

Details, binders, activities,

files and emails, notes and audit log.

First, let's look at this details page,

which is what we need to review,

and then we'll go over some of the functions that we can do within the contract.

We've found, or the AI has found agreement for Zefort service,

which is a title.

It's in all capitals in the contract.

So it's been written in all capitals.

But if you would prefer to have this in lowercase,

we can always click here.

And I'm just going to reset that.

The contract owner is me, as I uploaded the contract.

And the main language is English,

which I can also change.

Also, the contract owner.

We found two parties.

If parties are missing, we can add a new party,

either in already existing parties or we can create a new one.

Like so.

Create new party and we can give it an ID as well.

Like so.

And I'll just remove that.

If Zefort has added a party that absolutely shouldn't be there.

We can always remove it from the three buttons.

Going down, we have dates:

effective date, end date and signature date.

If these are wrong, we can change them.

And also to help with that,

there's a document dates button on the top.

And we can view all dates that the AI has found within the contract

with some context.

So it's easy to find the correct date from this dropdown menu.

And if any one of these dates is in the future,

we'll get the option to add a quick activity.

I'll go over activities slightly later.

Tags. This is an automatically renewing contract,

so the automatic renewal tag has been added,

I can add any tags I like.

It's worth noting that it's common for mistakes to happen here

when looking for a tag.

If you misspell the tag, so say

we're looking for "auto".

So if we misspell that tag,

it'll give us the option to create a new tag.

And it's quite easy to then add the new tag.

Obviously, administrators can go to tags and combine these tags or delete them if needed,

but this is worth keeping in mind.

When everything looks correct,

we can then go ahead and mark as reviewed.

If something were to be wrong and I had to fix it,

an automatic notification would be sent to the AI,

which learns all the time and gets better.

Mark has reviewed.

Now one more thing about navigating the contract.

If you want to view the contract document,

it'll always be here on the right

and switching through these tabs only changes

the view on the left.

If you want to open up the contract,

you can click on any area with white,

so just not on the text.

Double click and it'll open up view where you can scroll through the contract.

And double clicking again, we'll get rid of it.

Then on the top right here,

you can change between

appendices or attachments

and the main contract document.

Now, moving on to Binders.

This contract is already in the administration binder,

but we can add it to other binders as well.

So a contract can be in more than one binder.

Let's go ahead and see.

We can add it to any one of these binders by selecting.

Or we can click on the arrow

that will show us binders that are within that binder.

Example one, example two, example three.

Like so.

So let's go to data room

and click on legal situation and add to Binder.

Now this contract is available to anyone who has rights to administration

and anyone with rights to look at legal situation in the data room.

So the contract isn't divided.

The contract is just visible

to any such users that have access to those binders.

We also have a quick search here.

So if you know the name of the binder,

you can access it directly.

Next let's look at activities.

We can have as many activities as we want in a contract.

This is not restricted in any way.

Let's go ahead and add a new activity.

Remember to check expiration.

We'll give a due date in a few years.

Time is OK, and we'll make it annually recurring.

And we'll allow this to be completed by replying to the reminder email.

So a reminder email will be sent at the time of the reminder.

And that'll have access to this contract.

But instead of coming all the way back to the contract and marking it as completed,

we can also just reply to the reminder email with completed.

Now we have default reminders,

but I'm going to remove the one month

and change the last one to at due date.

We can also choose recipients.

Automatically it's set to contract owner.

Currently, it's me. This could change in the future.

Or we can add this to certain users,

such as Jane Miller.

We can also add this to certain groups.

Add activity.

Now we can also add activities,

as I mentioned in the details page.

From the add quick activity.

This will by default have a title and a due date.

And we can allow it to be completed and

edit it exactly the same as the other activity.

But let's not add another activity at this point.

Let's move instead to files and emails.

Now you can have an unlimited number of files and emails

in every contract in Zefort.

And you have two tabs here files and emails.

First, you can drag and drop files to attach to this contract.

And they can be any type of file.

So you can have

Excel files, you can have PDFs,

you can have Word files, you can have PowerPoint files,

you can even have audio files if you want to.

And they'll appear here.

We can archive files if we need to.

So, for example, if a

new version of a certain file becomes available, we can archive the file

and just upload the new version.

We can also hide documents.

This means that they'll be hidden from everyone else except us.

The contract owner can select show hidden.

We can also download any documents in here, and we can download them as text.

And they'll give a txt file.

This is very useful if you only have access to a scanned document.

Now, in the email section,

we can allow this contract to receive emails

and it'll create a contract specific email.

Now if we click here to copy the clipboard,

we can send emails to this contract.

We can send a whole email chain

and they'll be stored here.

This is useful, for example, if you've had

certain conversations surrounding the contract or if,

for example, you've terminated the contract

or taken any other action and need to have a record of that.

Any files that are attached to the emails

will automatically get uploaded to the file side.

Now, let's take a look at notes.

There are two types of notes in Zefort.

And you can make as many of each as you want.

The first is a simple contract note.


This will be visible to everyone

with access to this contract.

If we go up here to notes,

we can access a drawing tool.

So let's actually go to appendix one

and select on notes.

This means that we can select an area to create anchored note.

Like so

And let's create it.

And this is now anchored to that point.

And if we actually go to a different point in the contract

and click on this,

it'll take us to the anchored point.

And this is also available to everyone with access to this contract.

Now, finally, let's look at the audit log.

You may or may not have access to this.

This creates a record of every action taken within Zefort.

Who did it and what was done?

So let's look at the last edit, for example.

And this will give us more information on the actions taken.

This can also be downloaded as an Excel file.

Now, let's go back to inbox to notice that

the contract has disappeared.

This is because I marked it as reviewed

and if we go to contracts view,

the same contract is here with the reviewed text.

So it's now been reviewed in the system.

That was a brief overview on

checking information in contracts in Zefort.