User management

In user management, users and user groups are added and deleted, the user role (Viewer, Editor, Administrator) is selected and the rights of individual users are defined.

Video transcription

In this video, we look at user management.

Administrators with the permission to configure user access

can do so here.

In this section, you'll be able to see both local users,

that is users who have been created in Zefort

and users that have come through single sign on.

You can create a new user from this "add user" -button up here.

Then all you need to do is add a name for your user

and email address

and decide what kind of permission they're going to have.

We have three different permissions.

We have viewers, editors and administrators.

Viewers can only view contracts that they have been given access to.

Access permissions will be covered in another video

where we look at binders

and how them are used in user access management.

An editor can by default upload contracts into the system

and edit the metadata of contracts they have access to.

We can also configure individual permissions.

For example, we can remove access to uploading contracts.

You can decide whether you want to allow editors to create tags.

This means that they can create tags on the fly whilst in a contract details tab.

Editors can also be allowed to control

binders and contract parties.

The third license is the administrator.

Administrators have the same options as editors.

Additionally, they can be given access

to this user section that we are in.

And also to account settings.

You can also decide whether they can configure custom metadata.

This is a very important detail to be mindful of:

can manage all contracts and binders.

This means that the user has access to everything in the account,

regardless of what access they have through binders.

The main user will have this enabled by default.

An user that has this option enabled can enable it for other administrators.

It can also be disabled entirely,

which means that no single user

has access to all information in the account.

We can also set default searches here

for individual users.

Individual users can be edited here with the three dots.

Edit user.

And we can also give users default binders.

Zefort also supports groups,

which you can find up here.

Groups can be created here.

After which we choose, which users to add

and give your group a name.

If you want,

you can also assign the whole group a default binder.

This means that all contracts added by group members

will go to that binder.

If single sign on is enabled,

this dialogue will also contain an option

for signing groups with your system.

You can find more information on creating users

in this very detailed how to video.

This was user administration.