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What’s new 18.01.2019 – Party roles

Party roles

We have added roles for contract parties. A party is either “My organisation” or “A counterparty”. This is important mainly in listings and such, where you typically are interested in seeing the counterparty name.

Typically you should not need to enter this information. Artificial intelligence should do the work for you.

Support for multi-organisation setup

Related to party role described above: let’s say you have several legal entities in your corporate group and you would like automatically tag all of those with “My organisation”. Yes, we have now a solution for this as well

In the ‘Account info’ screen (visible only to administrators with appropriate access) you can now enter as many organisations (name and ID) to your group as you want. All these organisations (and similar based on fuzzy matching) are tagged as “My organisation” in the contract party section.

Granular administrator rights

When setting up administrator users for your account, you can now define, if that user is allowed to:

    • manage users and groups
    • manage account setting
    • see and edit all contracts of the organisation