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What’s new 9.4.2020 – Integrations tab in Account Settings

Integrations tab in Account Settings

Integrating with other systems is a key area on our roadmap. We already have comprehensive APIs which can be used to build custom integrations.

But, we want make everything in simple and easy — including integrations.
A step towards this goal is the integrations gallery, which we just released. Here, Admins can manage the built-in integrations with other systems. Currently you can find the following systems in the integrations list:

– Telia Sign
– Visma Sign
– Azure AD SSO
– Google G-suite SSO
– Microsoft ADFS SSO
– Generic SAMLv2 SSO
– Amazon S3 (customer site backup)

We have already seen brand names such as DocuSign and Salesforce on our roadmap, so stay tuned!

(Note: separate fee may apply for integrations. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our support for additional information)