CEO REVIEW: Smooth sailing for Zefort

For me personally, August always kicks off with positive energy as it marks my anniversary as Zefort’s CEO.

So, it’s time to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror to my third full year as the CEO of a growth-hungry software company, as well as some thoughts on where we’re headed.

Smart contract management is in high demand

With a good number of new customers from various industries, it’s now safe to say that we have crossed the chasm from early adopter customers to the early majority.

We have established a strong foothold in Finland, our home country, and we are closing more and more deals in international markets, including the Nordics as well as Central Europe.

As a product, Zefort’s contract management has universal appeal and attracts companies of all nationalities, sizes and business fields. Our key arguments of ease of use, efficiency and security are appealing across the board.

Our partner strategy is working

Our master plan of becoming a household name for all things contract management also involves working together with selected partners. We partner mainly with forward-looking eSignature service providers, as Zefort complements their offering extremely well.

We have partnered with Telia, Verified, Scrive, Connective and Skribble, to name a few. We also partnered with Norlys Energy Trading to co-develop our solution – a perfect opportunity for us to get more customer insights.

Continuous improvement, easy integration

On the product development front, we launched over 50 new features during the year. One major achievement was improving Zefort’s integration possibilities and launching a dedicated website for our customers’ developers at

Ease of use remains our key driver for design and development. This means that all the features we add are meant to make our users’ everyday work easier and more efficient. Integration and APIs help our customers to make Zefort part of their existing processes and workflows.

Team keeps growing

Our small but extremely capable team is what keeps Zefort alive and going. Over the last year, we hired 3 new talents to our team and we are looking for more.

One of the perks of working at Zefort is a three-month vacation every three years.This summer, our first employee got to cash in that benefit!

Our 3 future targets

For the next year, we have set ourselves three main targets:

  1. Further improve Zefort’s AI and integration capabilities
  2. Help our partners sell Zefort to their customers
  3. Establish foothold and conquer new markets

Naturally, we aim to retain the high quality of our product and customer satisfaction. This means that while we are picking up speed, you can rely that you always get our full attention when needed.

We’ll be sharing updates on our progress during the year – stay tuned!

Jussi Karttila, Zefort CEO

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