How to use Zefort’s AI features

AI has been an important part of Zefort from the very beginning. Many of our AI features are baked right into Zefort and you’ve probably used them many times – for example when adding a new contract or running a search.

Features like using AI to automatically pick up contract metadata make your work easier, faster and more efficient. It also provides reliability to everyday use, as you can be sure that our search finds the contracts you need.

In addition to what’s going on under the hood, we’ve added AI-powered features that you can use to perform specific tasks. Many of these optional features are available through our Advanced AI Add-On – check it out!

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at Zefort’s AI features and how you can use them.

Use ChatGPT as your personal assistant

You’ve probably given ChatGPT a try already, but did you know you can use it right inside Zefort? This provides added security, as your data stays secure and you don’t have to copy & paste content into an external service.

Check out our support article on all the things you can do with ChatGPT in Zefort.

You can get ChatGPT as part of the Advanced AI Add-On or separately. Just contact our sales team and tell us how many seats your organization needs!

Turn any information into actionable metadata

The AI Custom Metadata feature lets you create custom metadata attributes and automatically extract metadata values from your document. Essentially, you can turn any information in your contract to accurate and actionable metadata.

Check out our support article for all the ways you can extract metadata from your contracts.

Never forget important key dates again

Zefort’s Automatic Key Date Discovery feature automatically picks up important contractual dates and deadlines, like notice and renewal periods. Once detected, you’ll get automatic notifications about the dates – you’ll never miss an important date again!

See how the feature works.

Identify key information with Zefort Insights

Our AI-powered Insights feature lets you automatically identify specific themes from contracts, such as payment terms, assignment clauses, activities or legislation. You can then target searches to selected themes or use the Insights as filters.

Check out our support article on the Insights feature.

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