Activities and reminders

In Zefort you have possibility to add activities and reminders to contracts. To do this you will need editor or admin license as well as editing permission to the contract.

Add activity & reminders

Set quick activity

Set default reminders (for admins)

Set automatic reminders (for admins)

Add activity



  1. Open contract to which you want to add activity and go to ACTIVITIES tab
  2. Click add new activity

    zefort add new activity

  3. Fill in details
    • Title (shown as title of the reminder email)
    • Description (included in the reminder email)
    • Due date: select from calendar or contract dates in the dropdown
    • Time when the reminder is sent
    • Recurrence of the activity (once / weekly / monthly / quarterly / semi-annually / annually)
    • Status: Allow to be completed by replying to the reminder email
      zefort add activity details
  4. Set reminders
    • edit default reminders
    • add new reminders
    • delete existing reminders
      zefort add activity reminders
  5. Select recipients
    • Contract owner (set as default)
    • Zefort users or groups
    • Note: the reminder is sent only to users that have permission to view or edit the contract. However it requires at least editor license to set activity complete.
      zefort add activity recipients
  6. Click add activity

Add reminder to calendar

You can download a reminder file (.csv) and add it to your calendar.

  1. Click ••• icon for the respective activity
  2. Choose “Add to Calendar”. A .ics file is generated and downloaded.
  3. Double click that file to add an event to your calendar

zefort add reminder to calendar

Setting activity completed

When the due date is getting closer, reminder emails are sent to selected recipients. Note that only users with edit permission to edit the contract may change the activity status.

A. By email

Receiver may set the activity completed by replying to the reminder email according to the instruction given in the message (* in case the option was allowed).

B. In Zefort

User can also set the activity completed in Zefort:

  1. Go to the contract and open ACTIVITIES tab
  2. Open the menu ••• of the reminder
  3. Click Complete and add a note if you like


zefort complete activity

You can view completed tasks by toggling on option Show completed zefort switch on

Quick activities

In Zefort you can set also quick activities for contracts in the details tab, for example when you are reviewing the contract.
For all future dates you see an icon “add quick activity” next to it. zefort quick activity icon
Click on the icon and fill in the activity details.

zefort add quick activity

Admin settings

Default reminders

Admin with permission “can manage account settings and tags”  is able to set the default reminders in the account settings.

Go to Zefort menu > Account settings > Reminders

  • add new reminder [1]
  • edit reminders [2]
  • delete reminders [3]
  • load original defaults [4]

zefort default reminders

Automatic reminders

It is also possible to create automatic reminders to selected contract dates.

Go to Zefort menu > Account settings > Metadata

  1. Create new attribute: + add attribute…
  2. Select “Add Date attribute” from the dropdown list
  3. Fill the attribute details and tick the box “Create activity automatically upon date set
  4. Click save and drag the metadata attribute to the metadata card

Once a new contract is uploaded in Zefort and the date field is filled in, an automatic reminder is created.

  • The due date from set based on the date field that created the automatic reminder.
  • Email reminders are scheduled according to the default reminders.
  • By default, reminder is sent to the contract owner. If you add a list attribute to the contract metadata, you can set it as automatic receiver of the reminder (check out the deeper instruction for admins: How to define custom contract metadata)

You can also edit the automatic reminder if needed, just as you would create a reminder manually.

zefort add date attribute

zefort set automatic activity

Pro tip! You can set the automatic reminder also for the AI generated metadata fields (effective date, end date and signature date): click on the pencil icon to edit attribute details zefort edit pencil icon (requires admin license with permissions “can manage account settings and tags” and “can manage custom metadata