Choosing default columns for table view

In the account settings, admin can establish a default table view:

  1. choose the contract attributes to display
  2. arrange the columns in preferred order

zefort account settings - table view columns

Choosing default table view columnszefort - select table view columns

Setting the default table view columns requires admin license with permission “can manage account settings and tags”.

  1. Open Account settings > Appearance > Contract table view columns
  2. Select the contract attributes
  3. Arrange the selected attributes by dragging
  4. ✓ Save changes

The default table view columns are shown to new users and to existing users who haven’t customized their table view.

Personal preferences

Users can save table view columns according to their personal preferences, overriding the account’s default setting. If user wishes to restore the account default, they simply reset the columns. Read more about the table view feature.