What’s new 13.6.2023 – New search layout

We have simplified Zefort’s search layout: instead of having different buttons for filters, advanced search and quick filters, all these features are now available in a single search panel!

The free text searchbar is right where it used to be, but all other search features are located together with the filters.

  • Basic filters – filter your search results with e.g. document dates, and signature status
  • Metadata filters – filter with custom metadata using dropdowns and selections
  • Additional filters – define the required number of attachments, emails, activities etc.
  • Advanced search – free text search, target your search to specific part of the document, metadata or insights (e.g. title, attachment, emails…)
  • Saved and quick filters – use your own saved filters or utilize Zefort quick filters

Read more about filtering search results.

zefort search panel