What’s new 15.8.2023 – Zefort’s ChatGPT integration

Zefort’s ChatGPT integration is now available! To get this feature for your organization, contact our sales team.

What is Zefort ChatGPT?

Zefort’s ChatGPT integration allows you to interact with individual contracts through ChatGPT right inside Zefort. You can ask ChatGPT questions regarding the contract, create summaries or translations, ask explanation for selected text and so on.

Note that Zefort’s ChatGPT integration is an opt-in feature that utilizes the Azure OpenAI Service provided by Microsoft via Azure’s data center located in Western Europe. This ensures the privacy and GDPR compliancy of all data. Read more from our support article and Microsoft’s Data, privacy, and security for Azure OpenAI Service page.

zefort open chatGPT

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How to get it?

The ChatGPT integration is an add-on feature. If you are interested in getting if for your account, check the pricing page and contact our sales team.