Looking back to 2020: TOP 5 new features in Zefort

2020 truly was an exceptional year. For us, we were very fortunate to continue working normally, helping our customers manage their contracts more efficiently.

As a testament to our commitment in continuous improvement, we released more than 50 new functional features in Zefort during 2020. This is all thanks to our exceptional product development and customer account teams who together identify and deliver features that add value to the end users. (By the way, if you want to join our team, we’re looking for a Growth Marketer and a Business Developer.)

Here are our picks for the 5 features we are most proud of.

#1 – Automatic date proposals

In case Zefort’s AI did not immediately find the right date metadata, it now automatically suggests possible dates for you.

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#2 Copy & paste from documents

Small but extremely powerful: now you can copy text directly from your archived documents. Updates like this are very important for us: they help on our users’ everyday work and contribute to the great user experience we are known for.

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#3 Integration with DocuSign

Electronic signing is the perfect companion for digital contract archiving. Zefort supports many different eSign services such as Visma Sign and Telia Sign – and now we support DocuSign, too!

DocuSign integration is an optional feature – contact us if you need it or want us to add integration to your go-to eSign service!

Read how eSigning and contract archival work together

#4 Find similar contracts

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This quote from Arthur C. Clarke applies to the possibilities introduced by AI today.

In this spirit, we introduced a feature which lets you discover similar contracts easily. It works just like magic.

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#5 Improved Custom Metadata

Custom metadata allows you to configure your metadata with a simple drag & drop UI, define your own metadata elements and set metadata fields per document type.

This feature is available for Premium and Enterprise accounts – if you don’t have it yet, contact us to upgrade your account!

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Get started with smart contract management – for free

In addition to the great features listed above, we also introduced a completely free plan of Zefort. Yes, this means that you can get started completely for free and upgrade your plan if you need it.

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