Your process, your rules – quick look at Zefort’s integration options

Zefort provides a comprehensive contract management solution, with a smooth eSigning solution Zefort Sign, online document creation with Zefort Forms and naturally our popular contract archive for all your post-sign needs.

At the same time, many of our customers have their preferred tools to shape their CLM process perfect for their workflows. That’s why we’ve build Zefort to adapt to those processes and play nice with other solutions.

In this post, we’ll take a brief look at what makes Zefort so flexible – our integration options.

Hook up with your go-to eSigning service

The electronic signing of a contract or agreement is a crucial phase in the contract lifecycle process. It really matters a lot what happens to your contract once it’s signed. We people are often too lazy and celebrate the deal so much that we forget to properly archive the contract.

That’s where automation kicks in. With Zefort’s eSignature service integrations, you can make sure your contracts get automatically pushed to a contract archive.

We currently support a wide range of eSigning services, including DocuSign, Scrive, Skribble, Telia Sign, Verified and Visma Sign. Check out our support article on how you can connect these services with just a few clicks.

Work directly from your HR or CRM system

Some tools, such as HR or CRM solutions, provide you with a specific solution and feature set to manage a particular process or data. While you can use external services to complete a flow, sometimes you might want to start a process – such as eSigning – directly from the solution you are using.

For HR, we have built a direct integration with Sympa, a leading HR solution. The integration allows you to start the signing process for any HR documents right inside Sympa. Simply create a signing request and Zefort Sign picks it up from there.

Do you want to integrate your favorite HR or CRM system with a contract management solution? We’d love to hear from you – get in touch!

Interact with your contracts using ChatGPT

Getting a flexible AI assistant – like ChatGPT – to help working with contracts sounds great. An AI assistant can analyze or summarize contracts, translate clauses, look up terminology and much more.

However, if you have to copy & paste document sections or entire files to an external system, it’s often both time consuming and even risky from a confidentiality standpoint.

That’s why we added ChatGPT support right inside Zefort. You can get answers to your questions in seconds, with better accuracy and GDPR-compliant privacy.

Do almost anything with Zapier

Zapier is a powerful automation service that allows you to build custom processes involving a wide range of different tools and services. Zapier may involve a bit of tinkering and thinking, but once you get going, it’s a very powerful and reliable automation tool.

With Zefort’s Zapier integration, you can send newly-signed contracts to Zefort, set triggers to sync modified data, set up notifications and much more.

Build whatever you need with APIs

This integration option requires your team to have some software development muscles, but rewards you with the power to do essentially anything.

Zefort has secure, documented APIs that essentially allow you to build your own customized contract management solution. You can perform any Zefort UI action through the API. Naturally, we’ve made sure that using the APIs is secure and that you can safely try things out in a sandbox environment.

To learn more about our APIs, check out Zefort for Developers.

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