E-commerce specialist Logitrail uses Zefort for automated contract management

Automation and efficiency are key business factors in e-commerce and online sales. E-commerce logistics specialist Logitrail has focused on information management from day one. Now the company extends automated information management also to its contract management operations.

Logitrail provides outsourced logistics services for the digital and e-commerce domains. Logitrail’s vision is to be the most important and appreciated partner for its customers, respected internationally for its sustainable and responsible work in logistics. The central logistics terminal for the growth company is located in Kaarina, Finland, in a 11,000 m2 former retail factory. Logitrails services are used by industrial operators, major brands, associations and small businesses.

As an e-commerce logistics company, information management plays a key role in the company. All processes are highly automated and various contracts are very important in daily operations. As the company is aiming for strong growth, the volume of contracts is expected to rise continuously.

We understood the importance of contract information as part of efficient, automated operations and we wanted to get good control of our contract base before the contract volume becomes too high to handle efficiently.Linda Vikman, CEO, Logitrail

Before Zefort was introduced, Logitrail’s contracts were saved in Google Drive. This solution was missing proper search functionalities and the fact that you could not easily associate contract-related reminders to the documents.

Our contracts often come with contractual revision dates and other upcoming activities that all require our experts’ attention at some point. Without automated, solution-level support, these issues are easily forgotten in our daily grind. Now Zefort looks automatically after the activities related to individual contracts. – Linda Vikman

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