Lukander Ruohola HTO

Lukander Ruohola HTO centralized scattered contracts to Zefort's secure cloud

The law firm had its client documents well in order, but the company’s own contracts were scattered around its five different offices. The cloud-based Zefort contract management service gathered the documents into a single secure online location and made finding information significantly easier.

Lukander Ruohola HTO is a law firm that employs roughly 40 people and specialises in business law. The company has offices in five different locations around Finland. Considering the company’s line of business, it is only natural that contracts play a key role. Before deploying Zefort’s service, however, many of the company’s own contracts were kept at individual offices.

Due to the scattered contract data, it was difficult to see the big picture. Finding information from the contracts was much harder than it should have been. At worst, it could take hours to find a specific contract and deliver it to the place of need.

Thanks to the Zefort service, we were able to gather contracts from our different offices into a single, centralised location. We now have a clear overall picture of our contracts and it is a lot easier to find individual contracts.”- Jarkko Ruohola, Managing Partner at Lukander Ruohola HTO

Contracts easily and safely to the cloud

Lukander Ruohola HTO chose to employ the Zefort contract management solution. The cloud-based service meant that the contracts would be safe and sound in a single location, and only designated people would have access to them whenever and wherever needed.

In practice, deploying a centralised contract management system meant that the contract files were uploaded into an existing cloud service – there was no need for a time-consuming and costly IT development project. With more complex contract entities, the numerous appendices were gathered into a single package and associated with a single main contract at the upload phase.

While using Zefort, the ease of use really stood out. The service is very simple and user-friendly. The clear headings and commands are intuitive and make the user experience really pleasant.” – Anni Laukkanen, law trainee and Zefort administrator, Lukander Ruohola HTO

Quickly find what you are looking for

Zefort analyses contracts automatically during upload. Once the contract has been added into the system, any information included in the contract can be searched for efficiently through comprehensive free text search and filtering search results.

”The Google-like search functions throughout the contract base are really efficient to use.”  – Anni Laukkanen

From now on, all contract owners can themselves easily enter their contracts into the service. Now that contracts are as simple as possible to enter, this work phase no longer lags behind and there is no need for a separate person with the specific task of archiving the documents.

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