My settings

In the my settings, you can change the password or default folder for downloadable contracts and check user-specific Zefort email addresses.

Video transcription

Ok, so in this video we're going to look at my settings

or an individual user's settings.

They can be found in the top right corner.

Much the same way as account settings.

Click on my settings.

Now this is a slightly different view based on

whether you have a viewer, editor

or administration license.

Viewers only have access to basic information,

name, email and also to change their password.

Now, obviously if your organization uses single sign on,

then this will be redundant.

Editors and administrators have a few extra options.

They can disable email notifications for processed contracts.

Very useful if uploading lots of contracts.

Also, by default,

we have a little feedback form at the bottom of the metadata form.

Which you can use to give feedback to how well the AI has performed.

This can also be turned off.

We also have default binders for new contracts.

This means that you can configure your own default binder.

This is useful if uploading lots of contracts to a single binder,

or if you only need to work with one or two binders.

We recommend leaving this empty,

if you use lots of binders

and regularly change which binder you need to upload contracts to.

Down here we also have default search,

which means you can configure the search

that is automatically up and running

when you sign into your Zefort account.

If you leave this empty,

then you will use the account default search.

Up here, we also have email inboxes,

so this is where you'll find your email account

to send contracts into Zefort.

I won't go into this in any particular depth

because again, there's a very good and detailed

How-To video up in the top right corner.

And that was my settings.