My settings

To access your personal Zefort settings, open the Zefort menu in the upper right corner and click My settings.

zefort my settings

In My settings you can:

zefort my settings

Basic information

Edit your information and settings:

  • Name *
  • Email address *
  • Phone number
  • Language: select your account language
  • Timezone

* You can’t edit these details, if they are provided to Zefort from an external IdP

zefort my settings - basic information

zefort toggle on Send email notifications for processed contracts

zefort toggle on - toggle off Show AI feedback form for new contracts with files

Default binder for new contracts

Select a default binder for the contracts that you are uploading in Zefort. Explore the full article about default binders.

Note: this setting applies only to new contracts that are uploaded, previously added contracts are not affected.

zefort my settings - default binder for new contracts

Select default search that is used in contracts view if no filters are defined. Leave empty to use the account’s default search.

Discover how to create your own default search.

zefort my settings - default search

Change password

You can change your Zefort password here, unless your organization is using Single sign-on.

zefort my settings - change password

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you are not logging in with SSO (Single sign-on), we recommend to use 2-factor authentication and to do it with at least two devices.

Follow these instructions to set up a 2FA for your account.

zefort my settings - 2FA


Check your license level and permissions.

zefort my settings - permissions

Email inboxes

Open the EMAIL INBOXES tab to view and edit your personal inbox addresses.

zefort my settings - email inboxes

Pro tip! zefort pro tip
The email address is copied to your clipboard when you click the pad icon next to it. zefort copy icon

Add new inbox

Add a new personal inbox simply by clicking + add inbox address

You can also create a personal binder address:

  1. Click + add binder address
  2. Select the binder to which you want to add your inbox
  3. Hit OK

Personal inbox addresses are visible only to the owner of the address.
Note: When sending contracts in to personal binder address, the contract owner will be the owner of that binder inbox.

Edit inboxes

zefort change inbox type

Change inbox type to normal / restricted


zefort reset inbox address

Reset inbox email


zefort remove binder address

Remove inbox email