Tame your contract monsters

Watch out! These terrifying creatures haunt your dreams at night and whisper words of desperation in your ears! Alas, all hope is not lost – you still have the power to take control of these misguided beings!

Contract monsters – or monster contracts – can be born as the result of hours and hours of benevolent work on negotiations and writing agreement clauses. They are contracts that simply spin out of control – they’ve taken a life of their own!

However, there’s still hope! Even the fiercest contract monsters are not evil by heart. They have simply lost their way and desperately need a bit of guidance.


Have you spotted these monsters?

Here are some of the most fearsome contract monstrosities. Are they hiding in your cupboards and lurking under your bed?

contract monster

The Clausezilla

This fiend proves that the devil really is in the details! It comes up with so many contract clause exceptions, tasks and deadlines that it becomes impossible to remember all contractual responsibilities. Left untamed, it makes you miss deadlines and lose track of your liabilities.

contract monster
Contract monster - Shadow Lurker

The Shadow Lurker

These sneaky devils have the ability of vanishing into thin air. They hide away in email attachments, cluttered computer desktops, network drives and dusty piles of paper. Not being able to find these bad boys, you'll eventually lose track of your obligations and liabilities.

Contract monster - Shadow Lurker

The Tentacle Beast

This squishy monster is all over the place! It continuously grows new tentacles and replicates itself as new contract appendices, amendments, email conversations and related contracts. Keeping track of all the tentacles requires some smart solutions!

agreemling contract monster

The Agreemling

This adorable little contract monster doesn't really know who he is or his place in the world. To set things straight, it needs a proper identity check– like the one provided by Zefort Sign's strong identity verification feature!

agreemling contract monster

How can you tame your contract monsters?

Light up the shadows

The more transparency and visibility you add to your contracts and processes, the less room the contract monsters have to hide.

Take command with technology

Control even the most complex contract monsters with smart contract management tools and features such as power search and automated reminders.

Work smarter, not harder

Optimize your working processes to avoid monsters being born in the first place. Boost your motivation and productivity!

Let us turn your monsters into angels

Zefort is the happy place for all contracts – you’ll find no monsters here.


Sign contracts easily

Say goodbye to paper monsters and devilish waiting times - use Zefort's easy eSignatures to sign documents anywhere, anytime. Use strong authentication to reliably verify the identity of your business partner.

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Monsters, begone!

These companies have successfully tamed their contract monsters with Zefort.

How Zefort works?

Let our resident monster whisperer Niklas show how you can tame your contract monsters with Zefort's smart contract management solution.

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