Every fourth contract is signed digitally – Zefort eSign Index indicates the digital maturity of businesses

The Zefort eSign Index, launched in 2019 by the smart contract management company Zefort, reveals that up to 25 % of business contracts are today signed electronically. Conversely, this also means that the vast majority of contracts are still signed with ink on the dotted line, despite the major shift towards remote working.

An electronic signature means a digital signature made on a website or a smartphone, for instance. An electronic signature is just as legally binding as a traditional signature. Electronic signatures offer companies many benefits, such as running their processes regardless of physical location or time of day. In addition, electronically signed documents can also be more efficiently archived digitally.

The adoption rate of digitally signed contracts provides one point of view to organizations’ digital maturity. The remote working trend brought on by the Corona pandemic is likely to significantly increase the use of digital contract management during 2021, says Jussi Karttila, Zefort’s CEO .

Zefort’s eSign Index is quarterly snapshot into the state of digital signing and electronically signed contracts. The eSign Index is based on the contracts stored in Zefort’s smart contract archive at the end of each quarter.

Zefort develops a solution for digital contract archiving. In Zefort’s solution, proprietary AI technology boosts contract upload and processing. Zefort provides a safe contract archive for several leading eSignature services, including DocuSign, VismaSign and Telia Sign. Zefort’s service is used by companies of all sizes, including Aktia Bank, Futurice and Remedy Entertainment.

Open the Zefort eSign Index: www.zefort.com/esign-index/

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