Contract desktop bulk actions

Editing metadata of multiple contracts

Need to edit metadata of multiple contracts? Don’t worry! No need to open each contract and change it one by one: you can do it easily with contract bulk actions.

Selecting multiple contracts

Use free text search and filters to find the correct contracts. Then select all the contracts which you want to edit. You have a couple of ways to select contracts in your contract desktop:

zefort select all visible - select none


Click the option “Select all” from the dropdown selection to select all visible contracts.




zefort select all contracts

First check the tick box to select all visible editable contracts. Then click “Select all” below the grey toolbar to select all editable and matching contracts




zefort select all with shift

Select the first contract, press shift and then select the last wanted contract: all contracts between them are selected.



Bulk actions

After selecting one or multiple contracts, the grey toolbar opens above the contracts. With these you can change the metadata of the selected contracts.

zefort contract bulk actions

Bulk actions

Merge zefort bulk actions - merge  Merge selected contracts
Related zefort bulk actions - related Add related contracts
Download zefort bulk actions - download Download contracts with attachments and emails as ZIP file
Tag zefort bulk actions - tag Add a tag to contracts
Binder zefort bulk actions - binder  Add or remove binder to/from contracts
Owner zefort bulk actions - owner Change owner of the contracts
Status zefort bulk actions - status Set a new status for contracts
(archived, reviewed, not reviewed)
Metadata zefort bulk actions - metadata Set a new metadata to contracts
Party zefort bulk actions - party Add or remove party to/from contracts
Trash zefort bulk actions - trash Move contracts to trash