Managing contract details

Once you have uploaded the contract in Zefort, you have multiple ways to manage contract details.

Please note that some of these functionalities require adequate license level and permissions, so you might not see all of them in your account.


In the details tab you can check and edit the metadata that is suggested by the AI, and fill in the custom metadata fields.

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zefort contract preview - details


Next you’ll need to add the contract in binder. It’s important to understand, that binders are the way to manage who has access to the contracts. If the contract is not added in any binder, it will be visible only to the contract owner and admin with “Can manage all contracts and binders”.

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zefort contract preview - binders


You can create activities with reminders. Set the due date, select when and how often the reminder is sent and to whom.

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zefort contract preview - activities

Files & Emails

You can manage contract’s files in ‘Files & Emails’ tab, check more detailed instructions here.

You can attach emails and their attachments to any contract and see and manage them on Emails tab. This feature comes in handy if you have for example agreed something by email, and want to send the email discussion to contract’s attachment. Simply forward it to contract’s inbox!

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zefort contract preview - files and emails


You may add several notes to your contract and even anchor them to a specific place in any contract file.

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zefort contract preview - notes

Audit log

Contract audit log is an audit trail that shows all the actions performed in a specific contract. It will show the list of user who have viewed or edited the contract. You may click any of the lines for additional information. Click Download audit log to get the full raw audit file.

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zefort contract preview - audit log


In signatures tab you can review and edit your signature processes related to this specific contract.

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zefort contract preview - signatures