Contract files and emails

In the Files & Emails tab [1] you can view and manage the files and emails attached to it.

The uploaded attachments can be found on the Files tab [2] and Email discussions are listed on the Emails tab [3].

zefort files and emails


Add new files to contract

You can add new attachments to contract. [4]

  1. Click Select files… to upload files from your computer
  2. Hit Upload files

Or, just drag and drop the attachments to contract!

zefort drag new file to contract

View files

File types

zefort file type main Main
zefort file type attachmentAttachment
zefort file type other Other

Show hidden and archived files

zefort show hidden filesNote! Only contract owner and admin with “can manage all content” is able to see the hidden files


zefort show archived files

Sorting files [5]

  • Sort manually: first click the sorting icon, then drag the files in the desired order zefort sorting icon
  • Click name, upload date or file status to sort files in ascending order

Preview the message

You will see an white-orange icon if the attachment was sent by email.
Click it to preview the original message.

zefort email attachment button

Edit files

To edit attachments, open the menu ••• [6] of the selected document.

zefort file edit functions

Sign document – start signature process for the selected document

Make main contract document – change the document type to “main”

Change document type to other /
Change document type to attachment – change the type of file

Hide this document – document owner can hide attachments: it will then be hidden from everyone else but you and your account administrator with permission “can manage all content”

Download – download the selected file to your computer

Download as text – this action will download the text content of the file as .txt file

Rename – rename the file (pro tip:  you can also rename by simply clicking the name of the file)

Detach – detach the selected file and create separate contract of it

Archive – archive a file: it’s not permanently removed, but won’t appear on the list by default

Delete – delete file permanently. *
Note: if you delete the main contract document, document becomes “empty” until some other document is set as main document.


Emails can also be attached to a contract. In the Emails tab you can generate an email address to a contract [7] and copy the contract inbox address [8]. Learn more about attaching email to a contract.

The emails are listed in the Emails tab, where you can preview, download and delete the attached email messages. Files that have been emailed to contract’s attachment are added in the Files tab.

zefort emails tab