Account settings overview (admin)

Administrators can review and edit account settings. These features will affect all users in your organization using this account.

Open menu [1] from the top right corner and click Account settings [2].

zefort account settings admin


  • subscription
  • organizations
  • appearance
  • integrations


  • metadata
  • reminders


  • security
  • domains
  • API keys



See details of your account subscription.

  • Account: account name and status
  • Features: configured settings of the account
  • Contracts: total number of contracts and limit of the account
  • Users: number of available user licences and total number of licences
  • Esign: pricing information and details of signature usage
  • SMS: details of SMS usage
  • Payments & invoices: next billing date and payment method

zefort account settings subscription


Define account settings for the users in your organization.

  • Legal entities: add all legal entities belonging to your own organization (this list is utilised when the role of a contracting party is determined)
  • Party roles: add, edit and remove custom party roles
  • Default search: select the default search in contracts view for all users of your organization
  • Signatures: select whether users are allowed to create signatures, choose if authentication is required before viewing documents, allow use of SMS messages in Zefort Sign
  • Audit logs: choose who has access to audit logs
  • Contracts: select whether Zefort shows AI based binder suggestions and whether incoming emails for contracts are enabled by default
  • Users: set default settings for new users
  • Trash: select who is able to permanently empty trash bin and if contracts that have been in Trash more than 30 days are automatically deleted

zefort account settings organization


Customize contract card and select the default contracts view for new users in your organization.

zefort account settings appearance


Connect Zefort to other services (digital signing, SSO and other services).

zefort account settings integrations



Set and edit metadata layout for different contract types.

zefort account settings metadata


Change the configuration for quick and automatic reminders.

zefort reminder settings



Allow usage of inbox emails and select allowed email addresses, restrict access to Zefort and set session lifetime.

zefort security settings


Add domains to use them with integrations.

API keys

Use API keys to access API from your own client.