Zefort guideline

Welcome to user Zefort! Here’s an ABC for starting use of Zefort, giving you guidance of the most important functionalities. In our knowledge base you will also find many more detailed instructions.

zefort ABC


Basic use

Zefort overviewzefort sign in

Welcome to Zefort! First, let’s sign in.

Uploading contracts

zefort add contract

Next, add some documents in Zefort.

Contract management

zefort contract management

After uploading a contract you have several ways to manage contract details.

Review and edit the metadata. Check the AI suggestions and fill in the custom metadata fields.

It is also important to add the contract to a binder so that it is visible to other users in your account.

View and manage contract’s  files and emails.

Create activities with reminders.

Once the contract is not needed anymore, you can either archive or delete it.

Searching contractszefort search tools

For finding contracts, you can use Zefort’s multiple search tools. Combine free text search and filters to create powerful searches.

If you need to export contract metadata, you can download search result as excel file

Binders zefort binder management

In Zefort, access to contracts is granted through binders. When you add a contract in a binder, the document will be visible to all people that have the permission to that binder. In other words, if you don’t add the contract to any binder, the contract is not visible to other users.

If you have editor or admin license with permission “can manage binders“, you can create and edit binders.

Party management zefort party management

In party management you can add, edit, merge and delete parties. To do this you need either admin or editor licence with “can manage parties” permission.

Admin use

zefort account settings

Setting up the account (the technical stuff)

Some “good to know” technical stuff.

If your organization is using Single Sign-on in Zefort, you can manage the user licenses with SAML, SCIM and OIDC integrations.

Configure integrations with your existing esign tool.

Account settings

In the account settings administrators have a bunch of opportunities for adjusting the account.

User management zefort user management

Now it’s time to invite users to the account!

Tag management

zefort tag management

First you need to choose, whether you are going to use tags in Zefort or not. It’s not obligatory, but you might find it useful. Only administrator with permission “can manage account settings and tags” is able to access tag management, but you can give also editors the permission to create new tags, if you like.

Zefort Sign & Forms

Zefort Sign zefort - sign document

Time to sign some contracts! With Zefort Sign you can send contracts for approval and signatures. 

Zefort Forms zefort forms

Zefort Forms is a tool that can be used to create any sort of contract for signing. Forms is used together with Zefort Sign.